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Sports handicapping is serious business.  If you want to sell your house then hire a realtor.  Don't do it yourself.  If you are having car trouble then hire a good mechanic.  Don't do it yourself.  Let someone with knowledge, skills, experience and expertise do the heavy lifting.  The same rings true for sports betting and sports handicapping.  Let a professional like Michael Craig and his team of sports handicappers work for you. 

I have been involved in sports betting for over 15 years.  In the beginning I thought I love sports so this should be easy.  I looked at it as even a little old lady with no knowledge of the teams and totally ignorant of stats has a 50% chance of winning any sports bet.  Either the team she picked is going to win or it's going to lose.  I saw it as being that simple.  In reality anyone can win a bet.   My thinking was totally different than my reality.  I realized sports betting is hard work for long term success.  I suffered many losses in the beginning.  The first few years were very difficult.  I continued to persevere and I begin to learn through the struggles.  I never thought something that seemed so simple could be so difficult.  I gained knowledge from my experiences.  I became better at estimating player talent, understanding situational factors, and perceiving the subtle underlying nuances involved in the games.  I begin to construct and build a sports betting system through my observations.  I became better at the sports betting battle.  I began to win more and more.  I became confident in the knowledge I gained.  That knowledge is now presented to you to share without you having to learn the difficult way.  I'm looking at winning in the long term with proper money management.   Try me and see for yourself, you will be a winner.

Over 90% of sports bettors lose money over the course of a year.  Don't be a victim and lose your shirt.  We are here to help you be a winner.  We guarantee that you can start winning today.
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This is your superior sports handicapping site.  We have a one of a kind system that consistently posts phenomenal results. We are so confident in our experience and expertise that our insured monthly package and daily pick comes with a guarantee.  You go over 50% for the month or you get additional free picks equivalent to the amount of picks you purchased with no questions asked.  Also, you win or get a free pick with insured daily pick.  We only post our top level picks.

We have the most economical sports handicapping plans you will find anywhere.  Our plans are really simple and easy to understand, combine that with our success and that makes this a definite winning proposition.  Sports betting and sports handicapping is all about winning and not about the fluff.  We gladly provide you with the wins.  You can trust us to do our best to  provide you with the best plays and the best service.  We are here to serve you and help you realize your financial and winning sports betting goals.

We are a cut above the rest of the shark infested waters of sports handicapping.  You can trust us to be honest and give you our best.  We will not try to force or twist your arm into doing anything you don't agree with because you are in control.  We are easy to contact 24 hours a day.  Simply text us at 702-619-8590 on the live chat feature.  You will receive a response anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending upon volume, but never longer than 24 hours.  Our communications are text based.   Beat The Moneyline is a honest straight forward company, we are your average Joe that has knowledge about sports handicapping and sports betting.  Use our knowledge to enrich yourself.

Many of our sports bettors are not new to this and understand the extreme importance of money management.  That is a topic that we hope you have investigated thoroughly.  That is an issue that can make or break you.  You can have a winning percentage, but still lose money if you are mismanaging your bankroll.  There are no units recommended, that process is entirely up to you.  Although, we recommend that you never wager more than 2% of your bankroll.  The main point is don't over do it with your bets, and don't go crazy!  Be financially responsible with your bets and treat sports handicapping like you are running a business. You can get started with as little as $10 or $20.  However, you know your goals best and what's best for you.

Sports Handicapping By Michael Williams
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