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What Is The Moneyline

The moneyline bet is straightforward and easy to understand.  There are no point spreads involved.  You are simply wagering on who will win the contest.  This is why it is also known as the straight bet.  When betting with point spreads you are not only concerned with who wins, but by the margin of victory.  This headache is alleviated with the moneyline bet, because there is no point spread.

When betting on some sports the moneyline bet is the only option.  For example, if you bet on a boxing match then the odds will be posted as a moneyline.  Also, events like tennis, auto racing, golf, baseball, soccer, hockey, and UFC are exclusively moneyline bets.  You just have to pick who is going to win the contest.  Some casinos may offer prop bets in which you may have to pick how much these contests are won by, but that is the exception.  Prop bets will not be discussed here.  

What is the moneyline bet?  Lets say the champ is going to fight the chump in 12 rounds title bout.  The odds may look like this
Champ -450
Chump +330
The Champ is the favorite that is denoted by the minus sign before the number 450.  The Chump is the underdog and that is denoted by the plus sign before the number 330.  Just remember that the minus equals favorite and the plus equals underdog.
This means you have to bet $450 on the Champ to win $100 or bet $100 on the Chump to win $330.  You can simplify it to say for every $4.50 I bet on the Champ I win $1 or magnify it to say for every $4,500 I bet on the Champ I win $1,000.  It is the opposite for the Chump since that's the underdog and the one least likely to win.  You can simplify it to say for every $1 I bet on the Chump I win $3.30 or magnify it to say for every $1,000 I bet on the Chump I win $3,300.  It must be noted that many times the odds makers are wrong and the underdog wins straight up.

The moneyline is not exclusive to the sports mentioned above, but just about all sports.  There is a moneyline on every NFL and NBA game.  There is a moneyline on some NCAA football and basketball games.  You will only find the moneyline at the collegiate level when closely matched teams play.  For example, if the number 1 football team in the country like Alabama or LSU is playing a cream puff like Valdosta state, there will not be a moneyline.  We all know who is going to win, barring something miraculous happening.  If LSU and Alabama play each other that's a different  story because they are usually closely matched.  You can expect a moneyline to be available.  The same holds true for NCAA basketball.

Although, our emphasis is on the money line we also play first halves, totals, and sides.

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